In Ore there are about 70 beautiful fishing waters, where you can find, among others, pike, perch, grayling and trout.

The required fishing license (Fiskekort) can be purchased among other in Furudal at the supermarket Tempo or at the campsite Ore Fritidsby or online via At the campsite there is also the possibility to rent a boat or canoe

Usually it is enough to buy a simple fishing license for natural waters (naturliga vatten). However, if you want to increase your chances of catching trout, you should buy the more expensive fishing license for trout lakes (see Put&take below). Tillhedstjärn is also accessible for wheelchair users through footbridges and ramps.



Good to know:

  • In addition to the fishing license you should always be able to show ID when fishing
  • Children under 18 fish free of charge on the fishing card of parents
  • In the lakes Amungen, Oresjön and Skattungen the trout must be at least 60 cm long, max. 2 per day
  • In the river "Ore älv" the trout and grayling must be 20-30 cm. Fishing is prohibited for grayling from January 1 to May 31 and for trout from September 1 to December 31. If a grayling or trout is caught during this period, it must be released.
  • The scope of the respective fishing license is shown on this map. The corresponding barbecue huts, boat moorings and bathing places are also marked here.

You can buy the following fishing permits for natural waters (not put&take) :

  • Day pass 24 hours (dygnskort)
  • Monthly pass (månadskort)
  • Annual pass (Årskort)
  • Family annual pass (Årskort- Familj).


Put & take

There are two put-and-take lakes with added noble fish. These lakes require a special fishing license, which can also be purchased on site and is also valid exclusively for the respective lake. These two lakes are called "Tillhedstjärn" and "Orekalven" and are both equipped with barbecue hut and seating.

Tillhedstjärn is also particularly accessible, as it is equipped with several jetties and a ramp for wheelchair users. At Tillhedstjärn, a normal fishing license will suffice from September 1, as no new noble fish will be added from then on.

Rules for Put & take:

  • Max 5 fish per fishing license in Orekalven and max 3 fish in Tillhedstjärn./li>
  • One fishing permit per day (valid for 10 hours)
  • One fishing rod per person
  • Feeding with bait is prohibited.


Trolling (Trolling)

If you want to fish from a moving boat, you can also buy a special fishing license. Here are a maximum of 6 fishing per boat and fishing license allowed. It should also be noted that the boat must be in motion when fishing. If the boat is not in motion when fishing, a normal fishing license per fishing person in the boat is required.

Maximum 2 trout per day, minimum size 60 cm;


The following trolling cards are available for purchase:

  • Day pass (Trollingkort – dygn). Valid for 24 hours
  • Annual pass (Trolling – Årskort)
  • Day ticket only for Lake Skattungen (Trolling Skattungen -Dygn)
  • Annual pass only for Lake Skattungen (Trolling Skattungen - Årskort)



For crayfish fishing there is a separate fishing license (Kräftfiskekort), which is valid from August 1. Here everyone may buy only one fishing license for a maximum of 10 crayfish cages. All cages must be labeled with name and phone number. Only for own/home use.










  When fishing, the fishing license (Fiskekort) must be carried and presented together with an ID card in case of control.