Edvin Bodin Museum

Edvin Leander Bodin (1898-1965) was a Swedish artist from Ore. Bodin first worked as a farmer and forester for a few years before he began studying art in 1918. His art consists of landscape paintings from Härjedalen in a strong naturalism and with motifs from Gotland, Fårö and Ore.

The museum is located in Furudals Bruk

Gammelstan i Norrboda

Gammelstan consists of two well-preserved and listed farms, whose oldest buildings date back to the 16th century. The unique thing is that all the buildings are still in their original places and have not been put together. A very exciting excursion into the local history.

Guided tours can be booked in the summer. The site is open and can be explored by yourself.

Norrboda Landsvägen 233, 790 70 Furudal

Norsk Veteranmuseum

During the occupation of Norway by Nazi Germany, many Norwegians fled to neutral Sweden. 2500 refugees came to Furudal to be trained as police officers. After the war they helped to rebuild Norway.

The story of this turbulent time is told in the Norwegian Veterans Museum in Furudals Bruk.

Furudals Bruk, Bruksvägen 56, 790 70 Furudal

Ore kyrka

The present stone church was built between 1869 and 1873 according to plans by Ludvig Hawerman. During the construction of the new church in Ore, parts of the old church were preserved, including part of the pulpit, a pennant and a bit of the pear-shaped roof.

The church is open for worship on most Sundays and during Ore Week in July.

Dalbyn Vikgatan 33, 790 70 Furudal