In Furudal and around there are many lakes, which are especially inviting for swimming with their beautiful sandy beaches. Some lakes are extra child-friendly due to the shallow shore and a diving tower.
However, it should be noted that most bathing places are kept in order by volunteers and therefore waste has often to be taken home again by yourself. There are often public barbecue areas and parking lots just a few meters from the water. Since swimming lakes are unguarded, safety is always your own responsibility. Never let children play at or in the water without supervision!


Official water sample of the municipality on 14.6.2023, bathing place Ore Fritidsby and Svartviksbadet:
Very good - swimming is excellent, top marks!


In Ore there are the following bathing places (see also on the map below) :

  • Furudals Vandrahem och Camping (directly in Furudal / Järnvägsgatan)
  • Furudalsbadet (directly in Furudal / Sjöstigen)
    With bathing jetty and diving tower.
  • Norudden (Dalbyn / Dalbyn Norruddsvägen)
    Situated right between Oresjön and Södersjön. With changing room and shallow shore.
  • Campingplatz Ore Fritidsby (Furudal Strandvägen 22)
    Especially family-friendly with long, shallow shore, water-slide, boat rental, barbecue hut and much more.
  • Roparbadet, Södersjön (Norrboda)
    With bathing jetty and barbecue hut.
  • Sandnäsudden Skattungen (Näset)
    Long shallow shore. Particularly remote. It is not possible to park directly at the lake.
  • Säsvik (Furudal)
    Very nice long sandy beach, where the Siljansleden also passes.
  • Svartviksbadet (Östanvik)
    With bathing jetty and diving tower.
  • Tomtbacken, Löming (Östanvik)
    Beautifully situated with direct connection to Siljansleden.
  • Ön Amungen (Dalfors)
    Nice bathing place on a small island.


    Information from Rättviks Kommune (swedish)

    Sea and Water Authority about bathing areas (Swedish) (swedish)