Construction company and dredging

We perform drainage, ditch cleaning, road maintenance, etc.
Also hose service and sale of oils and greases every day of the week, day and evening.

Sunnanhed Landsvägen 137
79597 Furudal

Best Lås & Säkerhetssystem AB has been operating in Sweden for almost 45 years, a company characterised by accuracy and absolute devotion to its customers.

Tappuddsvägen 11
795 71 Furudal

We offer customized, solid, high-quality homes that provide lasting value over long term.

Järnvägsgatan 12
795 71 Furudal

Dalfors Lanthandel is the "real country store" with a little something extra.

Café with barista coffee, snacks, groceries, handicrafts, loose tea and more...

Dalfors Dalforsvägen 20
795 97 Furudal

Cozy accommodation in Furudals bruk close to the Siljan Trail

Furudals Bruk Kättingvägen 6
795 97 Furudal

Niklas Friberg and Martin Spånberg work as timber buyers at Fiskarheden from the office in Furudal.

Niklas: 073-077 00 09
Martin: 070-640 25 12

Furudalsvägen 831
795 71 Furudal

Well-preserved idyllic mill environment for weddings, parties, culture and accommodation. Headland with swimming and barbecue area at sunset by the lake.


Different types of accommodation
The Stables: 8 spacious double rooms with private shower/WC, most with their own in-room kitchenette, some with balconies facing the lake.
Brukslängorna: 18 smaller double rooms with private shower/WC, access to shared kitchenette. Larger common room.
Hostel i Golfhuset: 6 rooms with 1-4 beds, shared shower/WC and kitchen/living room.

Large beautiful event/concert venue in the old chain forge.
Also courses in smaller rooms.

Summertime in the golf restaurant (and external catering when renting premises).
Waffles & lunch Furudal

Several museums; the large Landsbygdsmuseet, the Norwegian Veteran's Museum about the WW2 police troops, Edvin Bodin's art.
Sometimes concerts and events!


     Rickard Engberg      070 492 22 84
     Johanna Ljungberg  070 516 44 20

Bruksvägen 56
795 97 Furudal

Tire service in Furudal. (Dates on request)

Furudal Ishallsvägen 11
795 71 Furudal

Camping and cabins
Open all year round

Ore Fritidsby is located on an 11 hectare peninsula directly at the mouth of the Oreälv into Oresjön. Enjoy your vacation far away from the noise of big citys in beautiful nature with numerous fishing waters and excursion possibilities. Large, initially shallow, bathing area , ideal for families with children.

Pitches for caravans and campers and tent meadow directly on the lake.
Camping cabins and houses with up to 3 rooms.

  • Winterized camping cabins
  • Restaurant
  • Kiosk
  • Boule
  • Playground
  • Minigolf
  • Basketball
  • Barbecue area
  • Canoe and boat rental
  • Fishing permits
  • Ski track with lighted trail
  • Wifi
Furudal Strandvägen 22
795 97 Furudal

Gifts and decorations, ceramics, art, lamps, soaps, hand creams and much more!

Furudal Furudalsvägen 818
795 97 Furudal

Furudal's ice hockey school is one of the largest and oldest ice hockey schools in Sweden.

Ishallsvägen 8
795 71 Furudal

Restaurant in the middle of Furudal with complete meals and Swedish cuisine.

Bruksvägen 2B
795 71 Furudal

Construction work, maintenance and earthworks

Arvet Furudalsvägen 765
795 97 Furudal

The hostel and campground is located in the middle of Furudal and directly on Lake Oeresjö. From the garden you can enjoy the view of the lake and you have a bathing place at a distance of 100 m. Hiking trails start right on the outskirts of Furudal and you can enjoy the peace and nature of the forest.

Furudal Järnvägsgatan 1
795 71 Furudal

Welcome to a proud family business where, even after 115 years, the same motto still counts: Reliability, drive and quality.

795 71 Furudal

The sports store of IFK Ore (ice hockey club) offers a wide range of field hockey equipment in all forms, but also textiles from Furudals Hockeyskola.

The sports store is mostly open during office hours and during field hockey school weeks.

Ishallsvägen 8
795 71 Furudal

Pizza - Kebab - Salad - Pasta - Hamburger - A la Carte

● Also take away ●

Situated directly at the entrance of the camping Ore Fritidsby

Furudal Strandvägen 22
795 97 Furudal


Dalfors Knacknäsvägen 21
795 97 Furudal

Freight transportation by truck, repairs and maintenance of cars, trucks and tractors.

Östanvik Ruckgatan 2
795 97 Furudal

Fashion shoes and boots in size 35-44 from Spain. Butik in the middle of Furudal!



Östanvik Borrtäktsvägen 5
795 97 Furudal

IT services in Ore

Web agency • Computer help • Network

Dalbyn Furudalsvägen 603
795 97 Furudal

An experience in the countryside
- So much more than an overnight stay!

Näset Timmervägen 28
795 97 Furudal

We are the administrative support that every entrepreneur wants. We do what you want to avoid, correctly and at the right price.

  •         Accounting
  •         Annual financial statements
  •         Tax return
  •         Payroll
  •         Financial consulting
Furudal Strandvägen 4
795 71 Furudal

Fitness studio Ore, right in the center of Furudal!

A small but very well equipped gym that offers everything from equipment to free weights. Download the M3Fit app (M3softwarefitmember) and become a member today! For "guest access" please ask at Tempo Supermarket in Furudal.

Bruksvägen 4
795 97 Furudal

Fireplaces and paintwork.
Contact us for a free quote

Furudal Yxsmedsvägen 8
795 71 Furudal

Oreplast is located in Näset and employs 14 people. We manufacture filter housings for the pharmaceutical industry, where extremely high demands are made on cleanliness, quality and color retention.

Furudal Näsvägen 13
795 71 Furudal

We work in most areas of construction and have a wide range of skills and experience.

Renting (long-term) apartments in Furudal.

Furudal Bruksvägen 10
795 71 Furudal

Guided fishing trips from the boat and from land. Trolling for trout and pike or fly fishing. You fish, we provide a fire, food, coffee and snacks at the fishing spot. We can also give you fishing tips and help you plan fishing trips, with or without a guide, just as you like.

Boats, fishing kayaks and rafts can be rented.
Stay in our B&B


Siljans Skogstjänst is a company with a long tradition in forestry. We have worked with many different companies and many different orders.

Ovanmyra byväg 14
795 96 Boda Kyrkby

Cozy bakery with café directly in Furudal. Always own freshly baked bread, freshly brewed coffee and homemade cakes and pastries.

Furudal Järnvägsgatan 9
795 71 Furudal

Sunnanheds Fjällkor - a farm in Ore, where the past meets the future.

Some of our cows graze on Ärteråsen in the summer!

Sunnanhed Landsvägen 142
795 97 Furudal

Mon-Fri 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Sat-Sun 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.


  • Grocery store
  • Fresh coffee
  • Ice cream
  • Tourist information (self-service)
  • Deposit machine
  • Stamps, postal service
  • Non-prescription medicines
  • Gas station
  • Propane gas (Swedish system)
  • Car accessories (wiper fluid ...)
  • Pet food


Furudal Strandvägen 1
795 71 Furudal

Welcome to the old school in Dalbyn in Furudal.


Waffle Café & Belgian Chocolate

- Lunch with home grown and local food
- Coffee with freshly roasted coffee and homemade bread
- Pop-up bar with ten Belgian beers & Belgian snacks
- 3 types of waffles from Liège, Brussels and bubble waffles
- Home-made Belgian chocolate pralines with a taste of Sweden

with grill hut, sauna and whirlpool

Bed and Breakfast/Apartments
with self-catering. A total of 26 beds.

Dalbyn Furudalsvägen 700
795 97 Furudal

Slyröjning & fence installation

  • Is your meadow growing again?
  • Don't you see the lake for the slyn ?
  • Do you want your big trees to grow bigger ?
  • Do you want to fence in your meadow ?

Contact me !


The hostel at "Norsk Veteranmuseum" offers 16 beds in 2-4 bed rooms overlooking the golf course. The hostel is located in the same building as the Norsk Veteranmuseum, the golf club and the golf club restaurant.

Phone : +46 258 100 84


Bruksvägen 56
795 97 Furudal

Welcome to Furudals Bruks Golf Club's summer restaurant.

On weekdays we serve lunch, waffles and coffee. On weekends we have an à la carte menu.

Bruksvägen 56
795 97 Furudal

Bed & Breakfast in Boda, close to the venue Dalhalla.
We have 4 individually furnished double rooms.

Wiborgvägen 6
795 96 Boda Kyrkby