Ärteråsbergets lookout tower

Ärteråsens fäbod is an old mountain pasture with animals and a small café in the summer. If you follow the path further up the hill, you will find the lookout tower which offers a fantastic view for miles in all directions.

Ärteråsens fäbodar

Ärteråsen is one of Sweden's largest preserved dairy farms (fäbod). It is estimated that Ärteråsen was established as early as the 17th century and to this day there are free-roaming cows here in the summer, so unfortunately dogs are not welcome. In the old wooden huts there are still many well preserved carvings from that time. There is also a lookout tower that offers a view for miles and a small summer café. Siljansleden and Fäbodstig also pass by here. Dogs are not allowed during summer.

Gammelstan i Norrboda

Gammelstan consists of two well-preserved and listed farms, whose oldest buildings date back to the 16th century. The unique thing is that all the buildings are still in their original places and have not been put together. A very exciting excursion into the local history.

Guided tours can be booked in the summer. The site is open and can be explored by yourself.

Norrboda Landsvägen 233, 790 70 Furudal


Whoever drinks from this spring in early summer at full moon receives strength and health for the coming year. This is now a Christian custom, but it was known long before the Christian era. When the moon shone brightest over the flowers and leaves, the moon gods celebrated their early summer festival, and the magical power was at its strongest. The most important criterion for this "holy spring" is that it flows to the north and thus repels evil. Until today, this custom is carried out annually (around May), together with a church service.

Ore kyrka

The present stone church was built between 1869 and 1873 according to plans by Ludvig Hawerman. During the construction of the new church in Ore, parts of the old church were preserved, including part of the pulpit, a pennant and a bit of the pear-shaped roof.

The church is open for worship on most Sundays and during Ore Week in July.

Dalbyn Vikgatan 33, 790 70 Furudal

Vindförbergs udde

On this beautiful headland in Oresjön lies Dalarna's largest burial ground from the Iron Age (about 400 AD). About 40 stone graves mark the places where our ancestors honored their dead and gave them items such as arrows and jewelry. The cemetery was discovered at the beginning of the 20th century and excavated in 1968.
Settlements from the Stone Age (about 2000 BC) were discovered under the burial ground.

Furudal Skolvägen 5, 790 70 Furudal