Ecopark Ejheden

At Ejheden Ecopark you can get a picture of what the forests once looked like when predators and fire ruled. Wolves, bears and lynx still roam freely here, and golden eagles soar above a boulder-strewn wilderness with many rough, old-growth pines and grey, dry trees. Many of them show signs of fire. Larger solitary area with various smaller trails and paths to explore!

Fäbodstig Näset - Ärteråsen

From Näset the historical "fäbodstig" leads to Ärteråsen. This path was used at that time to drive the cows to their summer pastures 7.6 km away. The path has an incline of about 400 meters, which is why a hike usually takes longer than expected. Once you arrive, however, you are rewarded with a breathtaking view. From week 25-32 the small summer café is open there from 12-16 o'clock. You can start the Fäbodstig either at Brändavägen in Näset or at "Näsets bystuga". Hiking map online: Rättvik Kommuns webbsida

Fäbodstig Sunnanhed - Dansbodarna

Fäbodstigen leads from Sunnanhed to the old herd in Dansbodarna. Here you will find a fire house, milk shed, sheep shed and a large area with carvings from the 17th and 19th centuries. The path is signposted and about 15 km long with orange color markings on trees and poles. Since there are wet stretches, boots or high boots are recommended.

NOTE: Partially poor or missing markings (2022).

More information and maps can be found on Rättvik Municipality's website.


Furudals Skidcenter

The cross-country ski trails are perfect for running, jogging or cycling in summer. There are marked trails over 2.5, 5, 7 and 10 km. Coming from the town center, drive past the large ice arena (left side), after about 200m on the right side into Tillhedsvägen. There is a parking lot there.

Halgonberget - Carvings

In the 18th and 19th centuries, cows and sheep were driven to the alpine meadows in summer. The shepherds then carved their initials, the year and sometimes remarks in trees or huts. The fact that these old carvings are still preserved is due to the damp ground that protected the trees from forest fires. Ore is especially known for this kind of carvings. Rubber boots are recommended, from the small gravel road you go a few hundred meters into the forest until the road gets lost. There you will find the trees.


The Kyrkstig ("church trail") is the old traditional trail that the people from Norrboda took to go to church. It is about 7km long (one way) and goes along forest paths and small gravel roads. Beautiful route through forests, always along the lake. Start best in Gammelstan or at the church.

Nature reserve Moränget

The nature reserve consists of a mosaic of swamp and forest areas and was shaped by former pasture farming. The calcareous groundwater creates a very special vegetation: the protected "yellow lady's slipper", one of the most magnificent wild orchids in Europe, also grows here! There are some paths, but no circular route. Here you may explore by yourself.


Rallarvägen - also called Kärleksstigen ("Love Trail") - leads from Ore Fritidsby (campsite) to Furudals Bruk and back. The whole trail is about 7km long, easy to hike and goes along the banks of the Oreälv (river). In Furudals Bruk you take the big bridge over the river.


The well-known hikingtrail Siljansleden also passes through Ore on its 340km through the Lake Siljan region. You can of course also hike sections, for example from Gammelstan to Furudal, or from there to Ärteråsen. Many beautiful routes in the nature, partly with rest cabins. The trail is marked with orange markers. Maps are available at the campsite, Infopoint (supermarket) or as a download.

Vindförbergs udde

On this beautiful headland in Oresjön lies Dalarna's largest burial ground from the Iron Age (about 400 AD). About 40 stone graves mark the places where our ancestors honored their dead and gave them items such as arrows and jewelry. The cemetery was discovered at the beginning of the 20th century and excavated in 1968.
Settlements from the Stone Age (about 2000 BC) were discovered under the burial ground.

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