Cross-country skiing

Several partly lit cross-country ski trails through beautiful nature. The routes 1km, 2.5km and 5km are illuminated. The tracks 7km and 10km are unlit.
The "Skicenter" with changing room is located about 100m behind the ice rink on the right side. IFK Ore, the local ice hockey club, takes care of the maintenance of the tracks on a voluntary basis.

Information / Rules:
  • You can turn on the lights yourself. At the ski center there is a red box on a lamppost. The green switch turns on the lighting for one hour
  • Please do not enter or drive on the ski tracks under any circumstances. No scooters allowed
  • Feel free to write your name in the book at the info board when you are done
Contact IFK-ORE Skidsektionen

Per Hård 070-338 39 41, Lars-Olov Hansson 070-677 44 89





Just a few hundred meters from the center is Furudal's own small slalom course the Sirapsberget. There is a ski lift, a barbecue area and a summit hut with a beautiful view!

The mountain is always open, information about opening hours and prices for the ski lift can be found on the notice board on site or on






The ice hockey rink is located directly in Furudal. IFK Ore and the field hockey school train here, but at certain times there is also public skating for everyone. The current times can be found in our calendar (Allmänhetens åkning). Skates are available for rent in most sizes.

The times for ice hockey matches can be found in the calendar on the IFK Ore website.

Place: Furudals Ishall, Ishallsvägen 8
Information: IFK Ore:s kansli telefon 0258-106 20